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Woodbury MN Deep Tissue Massage Therapist, L'amour MassageDeep tissue massage consists of a firmer pressure to help release knots and tension built up in muscles. Often thought to be painful, is only mistaken by poor practice on the therapists part. Though, some pain may be associated with this modality, it should be a good pain, as if something is being released.

The process of deep tissue works by warming up the tissues, increasing blood flow, and slowly working your way into the muscle fibers, deeper and deeper until the tension is broken up and released.

Depending on the level of tension in a muscle will depend on how many sessions it will take to completely release this muscle.


Recommended therapists for Deep Tissue Massage
• For very firm broad deep tissue: Chelsea & Angela
• For pin pointed/specific work deep tissue: Hannah, Cici, Pa, & Angela
• For a combo of broad pressure & pin pointed deep tissue: Michelle, Crystal Lee, & Deborah
• For deep tissue that’s firm & effective, but also relaxing: Crystal, Cynthia, Kendra
• For deep tissue that firm and relaxing: Alex

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