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Medically Oriented Massage

Medically Oriented Massage Woodbury L'amour MassageMedically Oriented Massage is goal-oriented and based primarily on manual therapies developed by Dr Jean-Pierre Barral, Dr John Upledger, and Dr Kerry D’Ambrogio.

Their philosophies all include:
1. Know your anatomy.
2. Use the minimum amount of pressure to elicit the desired change.
3. Be specific.

In addition, Gigi has a deep understanding and curiosity of medical and surgical conditions, and is experienced working around implanted devices, prosthetics/hardware, and other issues requiring caution. She mostly works on chronic pain/injury, pre-/post-surgical issues, and tends to see new clients 3-4 times (spaced 1-2 weeks apart).

Your first session includes 15 minutes of assessments. You will know within 48 hours of your first session if “Medically Oriented Massage” is the right fit for you.

Therapists recommended for Medically Orientated Massage:
• Gigi is the only therapists who specializes in this modality

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